The mentoring prorgramme „Ağabey-Abla“ is run by Deutsch-türkisches Forum Stuttgart e.V.  and funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation. In this mentoring program about 70 Turkish mentors accompany Turkish students particularly with regard to academic issues, but also on leisure activities. The evaluation aims at finding out how students with an immigrant background can be encouraged in an innovative way, and how the social engagement of young adults with an immigrant background can be used for this.

The results of the project „ZIP.Konzepte“  are documented in the following publication in detailed form: Martin Alber, Andreas Foitzik, Jutta Goltz, Sabine Riescher, Gebhard Stein, Barbara Stock, Sibylle Walter (2008): Interkulturelle Potenziale nutzen. Ergebnisse aus dem Projekt “Zukunfts-orientierteinterkulturelle Personalentwicklungsstrategie” (ZIP). 2005-2008. Tübingen. This report is available in our download section to download as a PDF file. For more information on the project go to: ZIP-Project description.

One thematic strand of the European research project UP2YOUTH – Youth as Actor of Social Change is dealing with the transitions to work of young people with a migration background and from ethnic minorities. The working group is trying to answer the following research questions: Individualisation How do young migrants and youth from ethnic minorities manage education and labour market entrance? What are their specific problems and coping strategies? Which (discriminating) limitations are ethnic minority youth facing in education systems …

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Future-oriented intercultural strategies of human resources development (ZIP) Funded under the EQUAL-Program through the European Social Fund (ESF) and the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Coordinated by BBQ gGmbH, Stuttgart. Duration: 2006-2007 The action research project ZIP is a so called EQUAL-Development Partnership which consists of educational institutions and institutions of public Administration in the Stuttgart area. Beyond this regional connection ZIP is linked with seven EQUAL-funded projects in Europe. Iris e.V. represents one of the regional …

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Evaluation of JUST – „Youth in the Neighbourhood“ Project description IRIS evaluated this project from 1994-1998. Project lead: Beauftragter für ausländische Einwohner der Stadt Mannheim Herr Helmut Schmitt Rathaus, E5 68159 Mannheim Some results were published as: Pohl, Axel: Jungenspezifische Suchtprävention. In: Deutsche Hauptstelle gegen die Suchtgefahren (Hrsg.): Suchtmittelkonsumierende Jugendliche in Einrichtungen der stationären Jugendhilfe. Manual für die Jugendhilfe. Hamm: DHS, 2002, S. 99-112. The entire handbook can be downloaded as PDF-Data Download. Contact at IRIS: Axel Pohl

1999-2001 German co-ordination of the project INTEMIGRA on the topic of migration in Europe, in Germany with a special focus on ethnic Germans. Funded by INTERREG II C (CADSES). Partners are from Italy (e.g. Regione Abruzze) and Greece. 1997-1998 Lodging and housing policies for immigrants in Europe. Co-operation with MAPPAMONDO, Ravenna, Italy.