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Who is governing education?

The European research project “Governance of Educational Trajectories in Europe” (acronym: GOETE) seeks to add to the European knowledge-base on how educational trajectories are organised across European countries.

This first project newsletter gives a short introduction into the projects objectives, the research methods applied and the first activities in the start-up phase of the project.

The GOETE project is concerned with understanding how education systems deal with the changing relation between education and social integration in the knowledge society. It analyses young people’s educational trajectories in Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia and the UK. Applying a life course perspective it asks how young people’s access to different stages of education is regulated, how coping with forms and demands of education and lifelong learning is facilitated, and if and how education is relevant for the future lives of young people.
Read more: www.goete.eu/project/objectives

GOETE has taken up its way in January with a public symposium and a first meeting of all partners. Some of the contributions to this event are accessible online: www.goete.eu/news/project-news/100-goete-project-news

The newly established GOETE Newsletter provides researchers, policy-makers and practitioners with regular e-mail updates on the project’s progress.

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