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GOETE project video

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Snapshot GOETE VideoThe research project “Governance of Educational Trajectories in Europe (GOETE)” has asked the young people involved in the study to express their own views on their transitions in the education system. Together with the researchers the young people have produced a variety of film formats on what education means to them. The outcome are a wealtch of different approaches from video interviews to documentaries on a typical school day to a 30 minute fiction movie.


GOETE final conference on March 21, 2013

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GOETE LogoOn March 21, 2013, the international research project GOETE will hold its final conference in Frankfurt a.M./Germany. Under the heading of “Youth and Educational Disadvantage: The Governance of Educational Trajectories in Europe” will be presented and discussed. At the centre of attention is a dialogue between research, practice and policy on the topic.

GOETE was carried out in collaboration with 14 international partners in eight European countries (Germany, Finland, France, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, and Slovenia). The project focused on questions around ‘access’ to education, the means through which pupils ‘cope’ with the demands of the education system, and the ‘relevance’ of education for their future lives and for society. The conference presenters will explore the relationships between school and out-of-school agencies, as well as the educational biographies of students and the institutional regulation of education.

More details on the conference at the GOETE Website.

Background information on the project at our Website.

New volume on youth participation

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youth-participation-cover-bigYouth participation has been one of the topics of the European research project UP2YOUTH. Now a new volume builds on the results of the project and sheds new light into an old topic.
The volume is entitled “Youth participation in Europe. Beyond discourses, practices and realities” and is edited by Patricia Loncle, Morena Cuconato, Virginie Muniglia and Andreas Walther

More information is at the publisher’s Website. More on the project at www.up2youth.org.

“Learning Locally”-Studies published

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It’s the aim of the project “Learning Locally”, to represent the educational landscape of the Rems-Murr-Kreis in a transparent way, to clarify responsibilities, to gather offers and educational institutions, and to coordinate, to network and to facilitate access. IRIS e.V., it covers two areas of the educational landscape in the Rems-Murr-Kreis. These first one is the non-formal and informal education programs in the specific structure of the associational youth work and the second one covers the structures and deals of continuing vocational training in the Rems-Murr-Kreis.

The results of these studies have now been published: see page on the reports

Appeal against deportation

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The network “Racism critical Migration-Pedagogics in Baden-Württemberg”, among many other organizations, calls the state government to to prevent the planned deportation of more than 10,000 Roma back to Kosovo and to create a possibility to stay permanently.

Who wants to emphasize and give the call a signing is invited to visit the Website www.aufruf-gegen-abschiebung.de.

Kick-off event of the “Mixed Double” project

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The “Mixed Double” project aims at developing new ways of cooperation between schools and youth welfare organisations. IRIS is in charge of the scientific evaluation of the project which has been launched officially on 11 February 2011.

More information (in German) can be found at the website of the coordinating organisation “Martin-Bonhoeffer-Häuser“.

Foto Betriebsausflug

Institute excursion as an educational trip

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besuch-dialog1This year the staff members of IRIS e.V. took advantage of the annual Institute excursion to visit the integration and educational center of “dialog e.V.” in Reutlingen.






More information about “dialog e.V.”:

dialog e.V., Integration and educational center
Ringelbachstraße 195
72762 Reutlingen
Galina Lerner
07121 / 82501



New Publication “Youth as actor of social change”

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Buchcover akteurinnen-band-juventa.jpg “Youth as actors of social change”, in the series “youth research” appeared in the publishing house “Juventa”. In the book edited by Axel Pohl, Barbara Stauber and Andreas Walther, results from national and international comparative studies on “Changed transition curves, structural barriers and coping strategies” are presented.

It takes up the topic of the European research project UP2YOUTH and deals with different thematic and methodological perspectives on the act of teenagers and young adults.

GOETE Newsletter

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Who is governing education?

The European research project “Governance of Educational Trajectories in Europe” (acronym: GOETE) seeks to add to the European knowledge-base on how educational trajectories are organised across European countries.

This first project newsletter gives a short introduction into the projects objectives, the research methods applied and the first activities in the start-up phase of the project.

Foto Tübingen

GOETE Kick-off meeting

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Foto TübingenOn 29 January 2010 the new EU-funded research project “Governance of educational trajectories in Europe” (GOETE) will celebrate its start with a public symposium.

IRIS is a partner within GOETE which is coordinated by the Institute of Educational Science of the University of Tübingen.
More information can be found at the website of the Institute:


GOETE Symposium Programme

New European research project from January 2010: GOETE

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Since January 2010 IRIS is part of the European research project “Governance of Educational Trajectories in Europe. Access, coping and relevance of education for young people in European knowledge societies in comparative perspective (GOETE)”.

There are 13 partner institutes from 8 European countries involved (Germany, Finland, France, UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, and Slovenia). The multidisciplinary consortium brings together researchers from such diverse areas as social education, educational science, comparative educational science, policy studies, sociology, social work and economics.

The project is funded for three years by the European Commission’s 7th framework programme for research. It is coordinated by Dr. Andreas Walther, Institute of Educational Science, University of Tübingen.

Project “Peer-Mentoring” is completed

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The results of the evaluation have been published in a report.

IRIS e.V., in cooperation with the Institute of Education at the University of Tübingen, was entrusted with the evaluation of the mentoring project “Friends create success” (Caritas Stuttgart). Within the project, mentorship was conceptually designed as a “support of equals”. Based on a similar status by small age difference between the peer and the mentee, an innovative monitoring structure for young secondary school students was implemented.

Die Evaluation wurde im Dezember 2009 abgeschlossen. The evaluation results are available immediately in the download area:


More information on the project: Project Description.


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