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Results of “Learning Locally”

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It’s the aim of the project “Learning Locally”, to represent the educational landscape of the Rems-Murr-Kreis in a transparent way, to clarify responsibilities, to gather offers and educational institutions, and to coordinate, to network and to facilitate access. IRIS e.V., it covers two areas of the educational landscape in the Rems-Murr-Kreis. These firstly are the non-formal and informal education programs in the specific structure of the associational youth work and on the other hand the structures and deals of continuing vocational training in the Rems-Murr-Kreis.

The results of the studies on the two sub-topics can be downloaded from

More information about the project

Cover GPC-Expertise

Information about the expertise

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In 2006, Andreas Walther and Axel Pohl were commissioned to write an expertise on the subject “Learning from Europe – European approaches to support disadvantaged youth” by the Federal Institute for Vocational Training.

Cover GPC-ExpertiseThe expertise covers the following themes:

•   „Learning from Europe“: international comparison as a way to develop support measures
•   „Disadvantaged youth“: European approaches to foster social integration of young people
•   Overview of European approaches to support disadvantaged youth
•   European approaches compared: a grid
•   Quality criteria and recommendations on the development of support measures in Germany

The whole text can be downloaded as a PDF file from the website of the “Good-Practice-Center”: PDF Download

Contact: Andreas Walther, Axel Pohl

IARD-Study Information

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In 2001, the European Commission charged a cosortium of 18 youth research institutions with the preparation of a comprehensive report on the situation of young people in the European Union. With the Milan-based institute IARD in the lead, the consortium produced a report with three special focuses: the social situation of youths in the EU, youth policies in Europe and the training of youth workers.

IRIS was responsable for the third part of the study – an overview of training systems for youth workers in Europe. A summary of the study is available at the website of the European Commission.

Cover Report

1994-1998 Substance abuse prevention for immigrant youths

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Cover ReportEvaluation of JUST – “Youth in the Neighbourhood”

Project description

IRIS evaluated this project from 1994-1998.

Project lead:
Beauftragter für ausländische Einwohner der Stadt Mannheim
Herr Helmut Schmitt
Rathaus, E5
68159 Mannheim

Some results were published as:

Pohl, Axel: Jungenspezifische Suchtprävention. In: Deutsche Hauptstelle gegen die Suchtgefahren (Hrsg.): Suchtmittelkonsumierende Jugendliche in Einrichtungen der stationären Jugendhilfe. Manual für die Jugendhilfe. Hamm: DHS, 2002, S. 99-112.

The entire handbook can be downloaded as PDF-Data Download.

Contact at IRIS: Axel Pohl

Illustration Youth

Other youth projects before 2000

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Illustration Youth


Contributions to the hearings of the parliamentary commission “Jugend-Arbeit-Zukunft” (Youth-Work-Future) initiated by the regional parlament of Baden-Württemberg on the topics of open youth work, gender-specific youth work and support measures in transitions to work.


Study “Jugendliche in Tübingen” (Youth in Tübingen) as a basis for urban planning in the Southern Tübingen, in cooperation with the University of Tübingen


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