Consultancy and Practice Research


An important strand of the work of IRIS e.V. is practice-related research and the development, accompaniment and evaluation of processes in organisations in social work, especially in the area of transitions to work.

We are accompanying and supporting organisations in social work and neighbouring fields in a number of ways: by coaching professionals and senior professionals, by helping to develop innovative concepts, by the accompaniment of implementation of change processes and by evaluating new concepts and approaches.

One example is the cooperation with single organisations or whole networks who are qualifying or supporting young people. In recent years, IRIS has developed an array of concepts for the work with young people from a migration background.

The aim of practice development and research at IRIS is twofold:
On the one side, reflection and evaluation of practices lead to more effectiveness of services. And on the other side, practice research processes are helpful to develop new general knowledge on the social situation of target groups of social work and on the way social policies are working.

Project examples on Consultancy and Practice Research:

Peer Mentoring

Evaluation of a pilot project on peer-mentoring in vocational guidance in Stuttgart in cooperation with the Institute for Educational Science at the University of Tübingen Duration: 2008-2009

Evaluation of the project "Ağabey-Abla"

Evaluation of the mentoring project "Ağabey-Abla" run by Deutsch-türkischen Forums Stuttgart e.V. Duration: 2011-2012

Evaluation of Youth Social Work in the Vocational Preparation Year

Evaluation of Youth Social Work in the Vocational Preparation Year at a Vocational School in Stuttgart - Feuerbach (Run by: Evangelische Gesellschaft Stuttgart e.V.). Funded by: Landeswohlfahrtsverband Württemberg-Hohenzollern and ESF Duration: 2001-2004

Training of the Trainer

Since January 2009, IRIS is conducting the project "Training the trainer", funded by the Federal Government's programme "Xenos - Integration und Vielfalt". Duration: 2009-2011

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