To take a look over the fence of regional and national particularities offers the opportunity to enlarge one’s own patterns of perception of reality.
Therefore, regional and transnational networks are an essential part of IRIS’ approach to both research and practice development.

IRIS is coordinating the activities of EGRIS- the European Group for Integrated Social Research. EGRIS is a European research network with partners in Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Irland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, the UK, and Germany. Main research topics of EGRIS are the changing social structures and processes of social integration in the context of new trajectories between youth and adulthood and their consequences for the educational and the welfare system.

For a comprehensive list of cooperation partners IRIS is maintaining, please thave a look at the section “Partners“.

Project examples on Networks:

Young People and Transition Policies in Europe

European Conference for Researchers and Policy Makers, Madrid, 6-8 June 2002. Duration: 2002 - 2002

UP2YOUTH - Young Parenthood

Thematic Network on Young Parenthood, Participation, and Transitions to Work of Ethnic and Migrant Youth; funded by the EU's 6th Framework Programme for Research. Duration: 2006-2009

Network Equal Opportunities in Transitions

Action Research project "Network Equal Opportunities in Transitions"; funded by the Direction General "Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities". Duration: 2001-2002

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