Research as a foundation of policies is one of the key ares of IRIS' work. The objective of this work is to broaden the evidence base for practice and policy-making in the fields of youth, social, education and labour market policies.

Project examples in the area of research:


GOETE - "Governance of Educational Trajectories in Europe": a European research project on the regulation of transitions within the education system. Funded by FP7. Duration: 2010-2013

Policy measures for disadvantaged young people in Europe

Transnational study on Policy measures for disadvantaged young people in Europe commissioned by the DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities of the European Commission. Duration: December 2004 - October 2005

YOYO - Youth Policy and Participation

A comparative analysis of the potentials of participation and informal learning in young people's transitions to work in ten European regions; funded under the EU's 5th Framework Programme of Research. Duration: 2001-2004

Families and Transitions in Europe

European research project to examine the families role in facilitating or constraining active life management in the transition from education to the labour market, across different European models of State support for young people and their families. Duration: 2002 - 2004

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