A fresh start into spring..

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New Design of the IRIS-WebsiteOur website has seen more than a springtime cleaning. Here we have a couple of details..

New “Design”

The new design of the website allows for an adaption of the contents to many different screens sizes. See for yourself:

New functionality

The search function (at the bottom of each page) has the find-as-you-type feature that has become popular with many web search engines. Additionally, it can now search in the IRIS publications database.

Printing is now also easier than before: just click on the “Print this page” button at the bottom of each page and your printing process will start without the page having to be reloaded. With each print-out you will get a QR code with the page address encoded into it. No more typing URLs from paper print-outs – just scan the code with your smartphone and it will lead you back to the page you were printing out.

“Old” quality!

Most of the old content has been preserved – so we hope that this spring cleaning will last for all kinds of seasons…


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