Gender is a fundamental category structuring not only individual life courses and biographies but also society at large. Boys and girls, men and women are confronted with different role expectations, they make different experiences and they develop different life plans and strategies. These differences are connected with unequal chances. On the labour market, women are still disadvantaged while they do not receive appropriate support for their main responsability for family care. A relatively new phenomenon, however, is the disadvantage of boys in education – the consequences of which are still not yet fully predictable.

On the level of research we are interested how individuals in reproduce or change gender roles in interaction with societal structures; and how this varies internationally across different social structures.

On the practice level we are involved in the process of implementing gender mainstreaming in the context of education, employment and family policies in order to facilitate social spaces boys and girls, women and men can develop life plans and gender identities in a self-determined way.

Projects on Gender:


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