GOETE final conference on March 21, 2013

GOETE LogoOn March 21, 2013, the international research project GOETE will hold its final conference in Frankfurt a.M./Germany. Under the heading of „Youth and Educational Disadvantage: The Governance of Educational Trajectories in Europe“ will be presented and discussed. At the centre of attention is a dialogue between research, practice and policy on the topic.

GOETE was carried out in collaboration with 14 international partners in eight European countries (Germany, Finland, France, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, and Slovenia). The project focused on questions around ‘access’ to education, the means through which pupils ‘cope’ with the demands of the education system, and the ‘relevance’ of education for their future lives and for society. The conference presenters will explore the relationships between school and out-of-school agencies, as well as the educational biographies of students and the institutional regulation of education.

More details on the conference at the GOETE Website.

Background information on the project at our Website.