Volume „Basics on young adulthood“ published

Just published is a volume in the series „age and social work“ that deals exclusively with “ Young Adults „. Represented with contributions are the IRIS staff members Sarina Ahmed, Axel Pohl, Barbara Stauber and Andreas Walther.

CoverPublished by Tim Rietzke and Michael Galuske, the contributions in this volume deal of psychological, sociological and socio-educational perspective, with different aspects of the life situations of young adults. The contributions of IRIS staff members are: a basic article by Andreas Walther on the genesis of the term „Young Adults“ from the knowledge of the CV- and Youth-Research; two introductory articles on „Young Adults and Gender“ by Barbara Stauber; „Young Adults and migration“ by Axel Pohl; and the contribution of Sarina Ahmed on „Socially disadvantaged young women and men who are not ready for training?“, which takes a critical look at the individualization of problems in the transition.

The whole series of 6 volumes of  „Age in Social Work“ is intended as a „Basic Knowledge of Social Work“ especially for students and practitioners in social work. For more information please contact the publishing house.