Other projects on education and learning before 2000

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Bild Rechenmaschine1998-2000

Evaluation of the pilot project “NEWOL” (New Ways of Learning for SMEs)coordinated by Kolpingbildungswerk Stuttgart; funded by the EC’s LEONARDO-Programme.


Coordination of the research project “Success criteria for the further training of women”; funded by the programme LEONARDO da VINCI.


Research project “Dropping out and secondary education”; coordinated by IARD, Milano; funded by the DG Education and Culture.

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Lifelong Learning in Europe

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European conferences on the prerequisites, consequences and contradictions of lifelong learning 1996 (Dresden) and 1998 (Lissabon).


In 1996, the European Year of Lifelong Learning, IRIS together with other EGRIS partners initiated a series of two European conferences to clarify the meaning and the impli8cations of the conceopt of lifeling learning. The first conference 1996 in Dresden under the title “Options for the Integration of Living, Learning and Working” dealt with the relationship between lifelong larning and changed life courses as well as the biographical perspective of individuals. The second conference 1998 in Lisbon  “Differences and Divisions” addressed the contradictions between the diversification of learning and education and the persisting social inequalities. The conference proceedings have been published in two volumes (see publications).


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